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Jesse Garon does Elvis style Singing Telegrams for Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, or no special reason just to say you love that special lady! He also is available for Parties, Events, Promotionals for Businesses, and church events. By the way, this Elvis Tribute Artist is an ordained minister!

He is available in the general vicinity of Sallisaw, OK/Ft. Smith, AK.

Pricing is as follows:

Singing Telegrams - $100
Home Style Parties & Business Promotionals - $250 for 1 to 2 hours of singing
Larger Events - $500 +


Jesse and his wife are ministers. Due to their Biblical beliefs there are some limitations to Jesse's services. These are as follows:

He does not do shows from Friday evening's sunset to Saturday evening's sunset. This is the Lord's Sabbath and is a time devoted to rest rather than work. He will do ministry events during this time, at no charge, but will accept an offering - just call him to discuss the possibilities of this.

Jesse does not kiss the women, as his brother did. The only lady he kisses is his wife. Sorry ladies! And his wife does not allow the ladies to come up and stick money in his shirt as they do in strip clubs, so please inform your guests of this, to avoid their embarrassment! Please ladies, just put tips in a basket or hat! They like to have fun, but within limits :)

He will not do Hawaiian, beach or pool parties, where the women will be in swimwear or grass skirts.

He will not do the Vegas style of Elvis. If your party includes any kind of stripper, male or female, or exotic dancers, do not call him.

You can have your Picture taken with Jesse Garon IF you are dressed modestly - meaning if you don't have any cleavage or belly showing, you're not wearing short shorts or a mini-skirt, and your outfit doesn't fit like it's been 'sprayed on'. So plan to dress modestly so you can get pictures with Jesse Garon!

If you are going to have any kind of illegal drugs or activities at your party, absolutely do not even bother calling Jesse.

Now that that is said, we do not care if you have alcoholic beverages at your event or party. A lot of people with strong religious beliefs think it is a sin to drink alcohol, but the Bible does not say or imply that. It speaks against being a drunkard. As long as you are not going to have people drunk and disorderly, we have no objection to entertaining at your party. We never get drunk, but we are not against drinking in moderation.

We hope you will have a good time, dancing and laughing as many others have done. Just good clean fun! Visit the links on the right to see some of the fun people have had! Jesse is GREAT and he has a sense of humor and makes people laugh when he performs.

Call us at 918-704-8740

You can now order Jesse Garon's music CD! Click on the Elvis Move Over button.

Link to Jesse Garon's official Ministry Websites

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